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23.3 Centralized Grid Management (Master/Slave)

23.3.1 Master Configuration

The process of setting up the master configuration is the same as setting up a source Moab configuration. The master/slave relationship is configured in each moab.cfg on the slave.

# moab.cfg on Master

SCHEDCFG[master] SERVER=master:42559 MODE=NORMAL
# moab-private.cfg on Master

CLIENTCFG[RM:slave1]  KEY=3esfv0=32re2-tdbne

23.3.2 Slave Configuration

The slave's relationship with the master is determined by the MODE. Setting MODE to SLAVE notifies the master to take control of starting jobs on the slave. The master starts the jobs on the slave.. In SLAVE mode, jobs can be submitted locally to the slave, but are not seen or started by the master. When a job is submitted locally to the slave the job is locked into the cluster and cannot migrate to other clusters.

# moab.cfg on Slave

SCHEDCFG[slave1] SERVER=slave1:42559 MODE=SLAVE
# moab-private.cfg on Slave

CLIENTCFG[RM:master] KEY=3esfv0=32re2-tdbne  AUTH=admin1

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