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23.5 Localized Grid Management

23.5.1 Enabling Bi-Directional Job Flow

Image 23-2: Bi-directional peer-to-peer setup

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For each peer interface, an RMCFG parameter is only required for the server (or source side of the interface). If two peers are to share jobs in both directions, the relationship is considered to be bi-directional.

23.5.2 True Peer-to-Peer Grid

Previous examples involved grid masters that coordinated the activities of the grid and made it so direct contact between peers was not required. However, if preferred, the master is not required and individual clusters can interface directly with each other in a true peer manner. This configuration is highlighted in the following example:

# Cluster A

RMCFG[clusterA]    TYPE=pbs
RMCFG[clusterB]    TYPE=moab   SERVER=clusterB:40559
CLIENTCFG[RM:clusterB] AUTH=admin1 KEY=banana16
# Cluster B

RMCFG[clusterB]    TYPE=pbs
RMCFG[clusterA]    TYPE=moab   SERVER=clusterA:40559
CLIENTCFG[RM:clusterA] AUTH=admin1 KEY=banana16

If you are using Moab Accounting Manager, the Start action is not supported as a non-blocking accounting action in Peer-to-Peer grids. You will need to include Start as a blocking action. For example:


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