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23.7 Workload Submission and Control

23.7.1 Controlling Peer Workload Information

By default, a peer is only responsible for workload that is submitted via that particular peer. This means that when a source peer communicates with destination peers it only receives information about workload it sent to those destination peers. If desired, the destination peers can send information about all of its workload: both jobs originating locally and remotely. This is called local workload exporting. This may help simplify administration of different clusters by centralizing monitoring and management of jobs at one peer.

To implement local workload exporting, use the LOCALWORKLOADEXPORT resource manager flag. For example:


This example shows the configuration on a destination peer (ClusterB) that exports its local and remote workload to the source peer (ClusterA).

LOCALWORKLOADEXPORT does not need to be configured in master/slave grids.

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