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Chapter 3 Scheduler Commands

3.0.1 Moab Commands

Command Description
checkjob Provide detailed status report for specified job
checknode Provide detailed status report for specified node
mcredctl Controls various aspects about the credential objects within Moab
mdiag Provide diagnostic reports for resources, workload, and scheduling
mjobctl Control and modify job
mnodectl Control and modify nodes
moab Control the Moab daemon
mrmctl Query and control resource managers
mrsvctl Create, control and modify reservations
mschedctl Modify scheduler state and behavior
mshow Displays various diagnostic messages about the system and job queues
mshow -a Query and show available system resources
msub Scheduler job submission
mvcctl Create, modify, and delete VCs
mvmctl Create, control and modify VMs
showbf Show current resource availability Show past job information
showq Show queued jobs
showres Show existing reservations
showstart Show estimates of when job can/will start
showstate Show current state of resources
showstats Show usage statistics
showstats -f Show various tables of scheduling/system performance

3.0.2 Moab command options

For many Moab commands, you can use the following options to specify that Moab will run the command in a different way or different location from the configured default. These options do not change your settings in the configuration file; they override the settings for this single instance of the command.

Option Description
--about Displays build and version information and the status of your Moab license
--help Displays usage information about the command
--host=<serverHostName> Causes Moab to run the client command on the specified host
--loglevel=<logLevel> Causes Moab to write log information to STDERR as the client command is running. For more information, see Logging Overview.
--msg=<message> Causes Moab to annotate the action in the event log
--port=<serverPort> Causes Moab to run the command using the port specified
--timeout=<seconds> Sets the maximum time that the client command will wait for a response from the Moab server
--version Displays version information
--xml Causes Moab to return the command output in XML format

3.0.3 Commands Providing Maui Compatibility

The following commands are deprecated. Click the link for respective deprecated commands to see the updated replacement command for each.

Command Description
canceljob Cancel job
changeparam Change in memory parameter settings
diagnose Provide diagnostic report for various aspects of resources, workload, and scheduling
releasehold Release job defers and holds
releaseres Release reservations
runjob Force a job to run immediately
sethold Set job holds
setqos Modify job QOS settings
setres Set an admin/user reservation
setspri Adjust job/system priority of job
showconfig Show current scheduler configuration

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