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3.12 mdiag -c

3.12.1 Synopsis

mdiag -c [-v] [classid]

3.12.2 Overview

The mdiag -c command provides detailed information about the classes Moab is currently tracking. This command also allows an administrator to verify correct throttling policies and access provided to and from other credentials.

The term class is used interchangeably with the term queue and generally refers to resource manager queue.

3.12.3 XML Attributes

Name Description
ADEF Accounts a class has access to.
CAPACITY Number of procs available to the class.
DEFAULT.ATTR Default attributes attached to a job.
DEFAULT.DISK Default required disk attached to a job.
DEFAULT.FEATURES Default required node features attached to a job.
DEFAULT.GRES Default generic resources attached to a job.
DEFAULT.MEM Default required memory attached to a job.
DEFAULT.NODESET Default specified nodeset attached to a job.
DEFAULT.WCLIMIT Default wallclock limit attached to a job.
EXCL.FEATURES List of excluded (disallowed) node features.
EXCL.FLAGS List of excluded (disallowed) job flags.
FSTARGET The class' fairshare target.
HOLD If TRUE this credential has a hold on it, FALSE otherwise.
HOSTLIST The list of hosts in this class.
JOBEPILOG Scheduler level job epilog to be run after job is completed by resource manager (script path).
JOBFLAGS Default flags attached to jobs in the class.
JOBPROLOG Scheduler level job prolog to be run before job is started by resource manager (script path).
ID The unique ID of this class.
LOGLEVEL The log level attached to jobs in the class.
MAX.PROC The max processors per job in the class.
MAX.PS The max processor-seconds per job in the class.
MAX.WCLIMIT The max wallclock limit per job in the class.
MAXIJOB The max idle jobs in the class.
MAXIPROC The max idle processors in the class.
MAXJOBPERUSER The max jobs per user.
MAXNODEPERJOB The max nodes per job.
MAXNODEPERUSER The max nodes per user.
MAXPROCPERJOB The max processors per job.
MAXPROCPERNODE The max processors per node.
MAXPROCPERUSER The max processors per user.
MIN.NODE The minimum nodes per job in the class.
MIN.PROC The minimum processors per job in the class.
MIN.WCLIMIT The minimum wallclock limit per job in the class.
NODEACCESSPOLICY The node access policy associated with jobs in the class.
OCDPROCFACTOR Dedicated processor factor.
OCNODE Overcommit node.
PRIORITY The class' associated priority.
PRIORITYF Priority calculation function.
REQ.FEATURES Required features for a job to be considered in the class.
REQ.FLAGS Required flags for a job to be considered in the class.
REQ.IMAGE Required image for a job to be considered in the class.
REQUIREDUSERLIST The list of users who have access to the class.
RM The resource manager reporting the class.
STATE The class' state.
WCOVERRUN Tolerated amount of time beyond the specified wallclock limit.

Example 3-12: Generating information about classes

> mdiag -c
Class/Queue Status
ClassID        Priority Flags        QDef              QOSList* PartitionList        Target Limits
DEFAULT               0 ---          ---                   ---  ---                   0.00  ---
batch                 1 ---          ---                   ---  [A][B]               70.00  MAXJOB=33:200,250
long                  1 ---          low                   low  [A]                  10.00  MAXJOB=3:100,200
fast                100 ---          high                 high  [B]                  10.00  MAXJOB=8:100,150
bigmem                1 ---          low,high              low  ---                  10.00  MAXJOB=1:100,200

In the example above, class fast has MAXJOB soft and hard limits of 100 and 150 respectively and is currently running 8 jobs.

The Limits column will display limits in the following format:


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