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3.21 mdiag -R

3.21.1 Synopsis

mdiag -R [-v] [resourcemanagerid]

3.21.2 Overview

The mdiag -R command is used to present information about configured resource managers. The information presented includes name, host, port, state, type, performance statistics and failure notifications.

3.21.3 Examples

Example 3-21:  

> $ mdiag -R -v
diagnosing resource managers
RM[internal]  State: ---  Type: SSS  ResourceType: COMPUTE
  Max Fail/Iteration: 0
  JobCounter:         6
  Partition:          SHARED
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.00s  (55353 samples)
  RM Languages:       -
  RM Sub-Languages:   -
RM[torque]    State: Active  Type: PBS  ResourceType: COMPUTE
  Timeout:            30000.00 ms
  Version:            '4.2.4'
  Job Submit URL:     exec:///opt/torque-4.2/bin/qsub
  Objects Reported:   Nodes=1 (12 procs)  Jobs=1
  Nodes Reported:     1 (N/A)
  Flags:              executionServer
  Partition:          torque
  Event Management:   EPORT=15004  (last event: 00:03:07)
  NOTE:  SSS protocol enabled
  Submit Command:     /opt/torque-4.2/bin/qsub
  DefaultClass:       batch
  Total Jobs Started: 1
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=35.00s  (220097 samples)
  RM Languages:       PBS
  RM Sub-Languages:   PBS
RM[torque] Failures:
  clusterquery     (683 of 55349 failed)
        -12days  'cannot connect to PBS server '' (pbs_errno=15033, 'Batch protocol error')'
NOTE:  use 'mrmctl -f messages <RMID>' to clear stats/failures
RM[FLEXlm]    State: Active  Type: NATIVE  ResourceType: LICENSE
  Timeout:            30000.00 ms
  Cluster Query URL:  exec://$TOOLSDIR/flexlm/
  Licenses Reported:  6 types (250 of 282 available)
  Partition:          SHARED
  License Stats:      Avg License Avail:   239.01  (978 iterations)
  Iteration Summary:  Idle: 396.42  Active: 150.92  Busy: -447.34
  License biocol          50 of  50 available  (Idle: 100.00%  Active: 0.00%)
  License cloudform       100 of 100 available  (Idle: 100.00%  Active: 0.00%)
  License mathworks       8 of  25 available  (Idle: 52.00%  Active: 48.00%)
  License verity          25 of  25 available  (Idle: 100.00%  Active: 0.00%)
  Event Management:   (event interface disabled)
  RM Performance:     AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.61s  (1307618 samples)
        clusterquery:   AvgTime=0.02s  MaxTime=0.61s  (9465 samples)
          queuequery:   AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.00s  (1 samples)
        rminitialize:   AvgTime=0.00s  MaxTime=0.00s  (1 samples)
             getdata:   AvgTime=0.17s  MaxTime=0.60s  (978 samples)
  RM Languages:       NATIVE
  RM Sub-Languages:   NATIVE
AM[mam]  Type: MAM  State: 'Active'
  Host:                      localhost
  Port:                      7112
  Timeout:                   15
  Thread Pool Size:          2
  Charge Policy:             DEBITALLWC
  Validate Job Submission:   TRUE
  Create Failure Action:     CANCEL,HOLD
  Start Failure Action:      CANCEL,HOLD
AM[mam] Failures:
  Fri Jun 21 14:32:45  Create           'Failure registering job Create (1) with accounting manager -- server rejected request with status code 740 - Insufficient funds: There are no valid allocations to satisfy the quote'

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