Z.20 About Power Management and Green Computing

Z.20.1 Green Policies

Use case - How can we automate the power states of idle nodes while maintaining workload completion goals?

With green policies, administrators can configure Moab to automatically change the power state of nodes, while maintaining a certain amount of idle nodes (called a green pool) that are ready for incoming workload.

Moab works with various power management solutions such as IPMI, iLO, DRAC, xCAT, and others. Adaptive Computing provides some IPMI-based reference scripts you can use to deploy a green computing solution. The examples in this section generally refer to our reference scripts and to IPMI power management. You can modify our supplied scripts to use your own power management system's commands or you can create your own scripts.

If you intentionally power off a node, a green policy might try to turn it back on automatically. If you want the node to remain powered off, you must associate a reservation with the node before you power it off. When done, delete the reservation to return it to service.

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