6.4 Standing Reservations

Standing reservations build upon the capabilities of advance reservations to enable a site to enforce advanced usage policies in an efficient manner. Standing reservations provide a superset of the capabilities typically found in a batch queuing system's class or queue architecture. For example, queues can be used to allow only particular types of jobs access to certain compute resources. Also, some batch systems allow these queues to be configured so that they only allow this access during certain times of the day or week. Standing reservations allow these same capabilities but with greater flexibility and efficiency than is typically found in a normal queue management system.

Standing reservations provide a mechanism by which a site can dedicate a particular block of resources for a special use on a regular daily or weekly basis. For example, node X could be dedicated to running jobs only from users in the accounting group every Friday from 4 to 10 p.m. See the Reservation Overview for more information about the use of reservations. The Managing Reservations section provides a detailed explanation of the concepts and steps involved in the creation and configuration of standing reservations.

A standing reservation is a powerful means of doing the following:

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