Gold Allocation Manager

Managing Machines

A machine is a resource that can run jobs such as a cluster or an SMP box. Machine properties include the description and whether it is active. A machine can be created, queried, modified, and deleted.

Creating Machines

To create a new machine, use the command gmkmachine:

gmkmachine [-A | -I] [—arch architecture] [—opsys operating_system] [-d description] [—debug] [-? | —help] [—man] [—quiet] [-v | —verbose] {[-m] machine_name}

Note It is possible to have machines be created automatically when first encountered in a job function (charge, reserve or quote) by setting the machine.autogen configuration parameter to true (see Server Configuration). However, bear in mind that machines must be defined in order to assign them as members of a project. It is also possible to establish a system default machine to be used in job functions (charge reserve, quote) when the machine is unspecified (machine.default parameter).

Example 1. Creating a machine

$ gmkmachine -d "Linux Cluster" colony

Successfully created 1 Machine