Gold Allocation Manager

Getting Started

In order to prepare Gold for use as an allocation and accounting manager, you will need to perform some initial steps to define users, machines, and projects, and then make deposits, etc. This chapter proceeds by offering a number of examples in performing these steps. These steps may be used as a guide, substituting values and options appropriate for your system.

It is assumed that you have already installed and bootstrapped Gold as an allocation and accounting manager and started the Gold server before performing the steps suggested in this section.

caution You will need to be a Gold System Adminstrator to perform the tasks in this chapter.

Define Users

First, you will need to define the users that will use, manage or administer the resources (see Creating Users).

Example 1. Add the users amy, bob, and dave.

$ gmkuser -n "Wilkes, Amy" -E "" amy

Successfully created 1 User

$ gmkuser -n "Smith, Robert F." -E "" bob

Successfully created 1 User

$ gmkuser -n "Miller, David" -E "" dave

Successfully created 1 User

$ glsuser

Name   Active    CommonName               PhoneNumber      EmailAddress             DefaultProject        Description 
------ --------- ------------------------ ---------------- ------------------------ --------------------- ---------------- 
gold   True                                                                         Gold                  Admin  
amy    True      Wilkes, Amy                                                               
bob    True      Smith, Robert F.                                                          
dave   True      Miller, David