Gold Allocation Manager

Adding an Attribute to an Object

To create a new attribute for an object, use the command goldsh Attribute Create:

goldsh Attribute Create Object=<Object Namee> Name=<Attribute Name> [DataType=AutoGen|TimeStamp|Boolean|Float|Integer|Currency|(String)] [PrimaryKey=True|(False)] [Required=True|(False)] [Fixed=True|(False)] [Values=<Foreign Key or List of Values>] [DefaultValue=<Default Value>] [Sequence=<Integer Number>] [Hidden=<True|(False)>] [Description=<Description>] [ShowUsage:=True]

Example 3. Adding a Country Attribute to User

$ goldsh Attribute Create Object=User Name=Country Values=\"\(Brazil,China,France,Russia,USA\)" DefaultValue=USA

Successfully created 1 Attribute

Example 4. Track submission time in jobs

$ goldsh Attribute Create Object=Job Name=SubmissionTime DataType=TimeStamp

Successfully created 1 Attribute