Gold Allocation Manager


Use `make install' to install Gold. You may need to do this as root if any of the installation or log directories do not already have write permission as the Gold admin user.

[root]# make install

If you would like to install the web GUI, type make install-gui (as root).

[root]# make install-gui

To delete the files created by the Gold installation, you can use 'make uninstall'.

You will also need to generate a secret key which enables secure communication between clients and server. This key is a pass-phrase consisting of up to 80 characters and can include spaces and the regular visible ASCII characters. Note that if you are using Gold with Moab or the Maui Scheduler, they will need both need to use a shared secret key.

[root]# make auth_key

Enter your secret key (up to 80 characters and can include spaces): mysecret