Maui Scheduler

14.7 Problems with Individual Jobs

To determine why a particular job will not start, there are several commands which can be helpful.

checkjob -v

Checkjob will evaluate the ability of a job to start immediately. Tests include resource access, node state, job constraints (ie, startdate, taskspernode,QOS, etc). Additionally, command line flags may be specified to provide further information.

-l <POLICYLEVEL> // evaluate impact of throttling policies on job feasibility
-n <NODENAME> // evaluate resource access on specific node
-r <RESERVATION_LIST> // evaluate access to specified reservations


Display detailed status of node

diagnose -j

Display high level summary of job attributes and perform sanity check on job attributes/state.

diagnose -q

Display various reasons job is considered 'blocked' or 'non-queued'.

showbf -v

Determine general resource availability subject to specified constraints.

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