Maui Scheduler

2.1 Maui Installation

  • Building Maui
  • To install Maui, untar the distribution file, enter the maui-<VERSION> directory, then run configure and make as shown in the example below:

    > gtar -xzvf maui-3.2.6.tar.gz
    > cd maui-3.2.6
    > ./configure
    > make

  • Installing Maui (Optional)

    When you are ready to use Maui in production, you may install it into the install directory you have configured using make install

    make install

    Note: Until the install step is performed, all Maui executables will be placed in $MAUIHOMEDIR/bin. (i.e., maui-3.2.6/bin in the above example)

    Note: Maui 3.2 contains a number of static parameter settings which may may need adjustment for extreme installations. If the target cluster may fit in this category, see Appendix D, Adjusting Default Limits and make any needed changes prior to issuing the make command.