20.0 Virtual Private Clusters

20.0.1 Virtual Private Clusters Overview

Within any organization, resources such as servers, databases, networks, or specialized hardware sometimes need to be set aside and configured for special projects or daily workflows. Requests may come from many different departments, each with its own needs and timetables. Administrators can configure Moab to automatically service these requests, including configuration and provisioning, through Virtual Private Clusters (VPCs).

VPCs allow sites to group resources as a named package, which allows users to select the name of the package they need instead of requesting each resource individually. When a user requests a package, Moab schedules all of the resources required and lets the user know when the package is available for use. Resources such as network, data, and security objects can be packaged together as a single VPC.

Additional setup and teardown steps can also be added to the VPC. Moab runs these extra steps automatically without the need for administrator action. Users request a package, wait for notification that the package is ready, and start using it while Moab, behind the scenes, takes care of scheduling, configuration and provisioning.

Administrators can place limits on profiles and restrict who is allowed to use them. Charging and accounting policies can also be configured to allow for automated billing.

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