11.3 Suspend/Resume Handling

When supported by the resource manager, Moab can suspend and resume jobs. By default, a job is suspended for one minute before it can resume. You can modify this default time using the MINADMINSTIME parameter.

A job must be marked as suspendable for Moab to suspend and resume it. To do so, either submit the job with the suspendable flag attached to it or configure a credential to pass the flag to its associated jobs. These methods are demonstrated in the examples below:

msub -l flags=suspendable


Once the job is suspendable, Moab allows you to suspend jobs using the two following methods: (1) manually on the command line and (2) automatically in the moab.cfg file.

To manually suspend and resume jobs, use the mjobctl command as demonstrated in the following examples: 

> mjobctl -s job05
Moab suspends job05, preventing it from running immediately in the job queue.

> mjobctl -r job05
Moab removes job05 from a suspended state and allows it to run.

You can also configure the Moab preemption policy to suspend and resume jobs automatically by setting the PREEMPTIONPOLICY parameter to SUSPEND. A sample Moab configuration looks like this: 


Moab suspends jobs submitted by user tom if necessary to make resources available for jobs with higher priority.

Note If your resource manager has a native interface, you must configure JOBSUSPENDURL to suspend and resume jobs.

For more information about suspending and resuming jobs in Moab, see the following sections:

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