5.1.5 Manual Job Priority Adjustment

Batch administrator's regularly find a need to adjust the calculated priority of a job to meet current needs. Current needs often are broken into two categories:

  1. The need to run an administrator test job as soon as possible.
  2. The need to pacify a disserviced user.

You can use the setspri command to handle these issues in one of two ways; this command allows the specification of either a relative priority adjustment or the specification of an absolute priority. Using absolute priority specification, administrators can set a job priority guaranteed to be higher than any calculated value. Where Moab-calculated job priorities are in the range of 0 to 1 billion, system administrator assigned absolute priorities start at 1 billion and go up. Issuing the setspri <PRIO>  <JOBID> command, for example, assigns a priority of 1 billion + <PRIO> to the job. Thus, setspri 5 job.1294 sets the priority of job job.1294 to 1000000005.

For more information, see Common Priority Usage - End-user Adjustment.

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