13.4 Adding New Resource Manager Interfaces

Moab interfaces with numerous resource management systems. Some of these interact through a resource manager specific interface (OpenPBS/PBSPro, Loadleveler, LSF), while others interact through generalized interfaces such as SSS or Wiki. (See the Wiki Overview). For most resource managers, either route is possible depending on where it is easiest to focus development effort. Use of Wiki generally requires modifications on the resource manager side while creation of a new resource manager specific Moab interface would require more changes to Moab modules.

Regardless of the interface approach selected, adding support for a new resource manager is typically a straightforward process for about 95% of all supported features. The final 5% of features usually requires a bit more effort as each resource manager has a number of distinct concepts that must be addressed.

13.4.1 Resource Manager Specific Interfaces

If you require tighter integration and need additional instruction, see Managing Resources Directly with the Native Interface. If you would like consultation on support for a new resource manager type, please contact the Professional Services group at Adaptive Computing.

13.4.2 Wiki Interface

The Wiki interface is already defined as a resource manager type, so no modifications are required within Moab. Additionally, no resource manager specific library or header file is required. However, within the resource manager, internal job and node objects and attributes must be manipulated and placed within Wiki based interface concepts as defined in the Wiki Overview. Additionally, resource manager parameters must be created to allow a site to configure this interface appropriately.

13.4.3 SSS Interface

The SSS interface is an XML based generalized resource manager interface. It provides an extensible, scalable, and secure method of querying and modifying general workload and resource information.

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