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Appendix H: Interfacing with Moab (APIs)

Moab provides numerous interfaces allowing it to monitor and manage most services and resources. It also possesses flexible interfaces to allow it to interact with peer services and applications as both a broker and an information service. This appendix is designed to provide a general overview and links to more detailed interface documentation.

Moab interfaces to systems providing various services and using various protocols. This appendix is designed to assist users who want to enable Moab in new environments using one of the existing interfaces. It does not cover the steps required to create a new interface.

H.1 Query and Control APIs

The Moab Cluster Suite provides a (Moab) workload manager server that supports a broad array of client services. These services can be directly accessed via Moab client commands.

H.1.1 CLI (Command Line Interface) XML API

All Moab client commands can report results in XML format to allow the information to be easily integrated into peer services, portals, databases, and other applications. To request that a client command report its output in XML, specify the --format=xml flag as in the following example:

> showq --format=xml
<cluster LocalActiveNodes="1" LocalAllocProcs="1" LocalIdleNodes="0" LocalIdleProcs="3" LocalUpNodes="1" 
  LocalUpProcs="4" RemoteActiveNodes="0" RemoteAllocProcs="0" RemoteIdleNodes="0" RemoteIdleProcs="0" 
  RemoteUpNodes="0" RemoteUpProcs="0" time="1128451812"></cluster>
<queue count="1" option="active">
<job AWDuration="11672" EEDuration="1128451812" Group="[DEFAULT]" JobID="Moab.2" MasterHost="cw2" PAL="2" 
  QOS="bug3" ReqAWDuration="54000" ReqNodes="1" ReqProcs="1" RsvStartTime="1128451812" RunPriority="0" 
  StartPriority="1" StartTime="1128451812" StatPSDed="11886.580000" StatPSUtl="11886.580000" State="Running" 
  SubmissionTime="1128451812" SuspendDuration="0" User="smith"></job>
<queue count="1" option="eligible">
<job EEDuration="1128451812" Group="jacksond" JobID="customer.35" QOS="bug" ReqAWDuration="3600" 
  ReqProcs="1" StartPriority="1" StartTime="0" State="Idle" SubmissionTime="1128451812" SuspendDuration="0" 
<queue><queue count="0" option="blocked"></queue>

Common Query/Control Services

H.2 Resource Management Interfaces

Moab can monitor, schedule, and control services and resources using multiple protocols.  These protocols include the following:

Using the resource manager interfaces, Moab can do the following:

H.3 Identity and Credential Management Interfaces

Moab's identity and credential management interfaces allow Moab to exchange credential and user configuration, access, policy, and usage information.

H.4 Accounting Interfaces

Moab accounting interfaces allow Moab to export local utilization statistics, events, and accounting information to site specific scripts.

H.5 Job Submission and Management Interface

Moab provides interfaces to enable the following services: