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This command is deprecated. Use mjobctl -u instead.


releasehold [-a|-b] jobexp


Release hold on specified job(s).

This command allows you to release batch holds or all holds (system, user, and batch) on specified jobs. Any number of jobs may be released with this command.


By default, this command can be run by any Moab Scheduler Administrator.


JOBEXP Job expression of job(s) to release.


-a Release all types of holds (user, system, batch) for specified job(s).
-b Release batch hold from specified job(s).
-h Help for this command.


Example 3-64: releasehold -b

> releasehold -b 6443
batch hold released for job 6443

In this example, a batch hold was released from this one job.


Example 3-65: releasehold -a

> releasehold -a "81[1-6]"
holds modified for job 811
holds modified for job 812
holds modified for job 813
holds modified for job 814
holds modified for job 815
holds modified for job 816

In this example, all holds were released from the specified jobs.

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