TORQUE Resource Manager
3.2 Nodes Properties

3.2 Nodes Properties

TORQUE can associate properties with nodes to aid in identifying groups of nodes. It's typical for a site to conglomerate a heterogeneous sets of resources. To identify the different sets, properties can be given to each node in a set. For example, a group of nodes that has a higher speed network connection could have the property "ib". TORQUE can set, update, or remove properties either dynamically with qmgr or by manually editing the nodes file.

3.2.1 Run-Time Node Changes

TORQUE can dynamically change the properties of a node with the qmgr command. For example, note the following to give node001 the properties of bigmem and dualcore:

> qmgr -c "set node node001 properties = bigmem"
> qmgr -c "set node node001 properties += dualcore"

To relinquish a stated property, use the "-=" operator.

3.2.2 Manual Node Changes

The properties of each node are enumerated in TORQUE_HOME/server_priv/nodes. The feature(s) must be in a space delimited list after the node name. For example, to give node001 the properties of bigmem and dualcore and node002 the properties of bigmem and matlab, edit the nodes file to contain the following:

node001 bigmem dualcore
node002 np=4 bigmem matlab

Note For changes to the nodes file to be activated, pbs_server must be restarted.

Note For a full description of this file, please see the PBS Administrator Guide.

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