TORQUE Resource Manager
Appendix I: Security Overview

Appendix I: Security Overview

  • I.1 SUID Usage
  • I.2 /etc/hosts Usage

I.1 SUID Usage

TORQUE uses setuid (SUID) permissions in a single location so as to validate the identity of a user request.  This is accomplished using the pbs_iff tool which is SUID root and performs the following actions:

  • parse specified server hostname and port
  • connect to specified server port using reserved/privileged port
  • determine UID of executing user
  • report UID and socket port info of caller to server
  • verify response from server

I.2 /etc/hosts Usage

In systems where security is a major concern, please be aware that some security experts consider adding the compute nodes to the /etc/hosts file to be more secure than using ACL lists.