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1.1.3 Compute nodes

Use the Cluster Resources tpackage system to create self-extracting tarballs which can be distributed and installed on compute nodes. The tpackages are customizable. See the INSTALL file for additional options and features.

To create tpackages

  1. Configure and make as normal, and then run make packages.
  2. > make packages

    Building ./torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh ...

    Building ./torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh ...

    Building ./torque-package-server-linux-i686.sh ...

    Building ./torque-package-gui-linux-i686.sh ...

    Building ./torque-package-devel-linux-i686.sh ...



    The package files are self-extracting packages that can be copied and executed on your production machines. Use --help for options.

  3. Copy the desired packages to a shared location.
  4. > cp torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh /shared/storage/

    > cp torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh /shared/storage/

  5. Install the tpackages on the compute nodes.
  6. Cluster Resources recommends that you use a remote shell, such as SSH, to install tpackages on remote systems. Set up shared SSH keys if you do not want to supply a password for each host.

    The only required package for the compute node is mom-linux. Additional packages are recommended so you can use client commands and submit jobs from compute nodes.

    The following is an example of how to copy and install mom-linux in a distributed fashion.

    > for i in node01 node02 node03 node04 ; do scp torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh ${i}:/tmp/. ; done

    > for i in node01 node02 node03 node04 ; do scp torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh ${i}:/tmp/. ; done

    > for i in node01 node02 node03 node04 ; do ssh ${i} /tmp/torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh --install ; done

    > for i in node01 node02 node03 node04 ; do ssh ${i} /tmp/torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh --install ; done

Alternatively, you can use a tool like xCAT instead of dsh.

To use a tool like xCAT

  1. Copy the tpackage to the nodes.
  2. > prcp torque-package-linux-i686.sh noderange:/destinationdirectory/

  3. Install the tpackage.
  4. > psh noderange /tmp/torque-package-linux-i686.sh --install

Although optional, it is possible to use the TORQUE server as a compute node and install a pbs_mom with the pbs_server daemon.

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