2.6 Specifying Compute Nodes

The environment variable TORQUE_HOME is where configuration files are stored. If you used the default locations during installation, you do not need to specify the TORQUE_HOME environment variable.

The pbs_server must recognize which systems on the network are its compute nodes. Specify each node on a line in the server's nodes file. This file is located at TORQUE_HOME/server_priv/nodes. In most cases, it is sufficient to specify just the names of the nodes on individual lines; however, various properties can be applied to each node.

Only a root user can access the server_priv directory.

Syntax of nodes file:

node-name[:ts] [np=] [gpus=] [properties]

The following example shows a possible node file listing.


# Nodes 001 and 003-005 are cluster nodes


node001 np=2 cluster01 rackNumber22


# node002 will be replaced soon

node002:ts waitingToBeReplaced

# node002 will be replaced soon


node003 np=4 cluster01 rackNumber24

node004 cluster01 rackNumber25

node005 np=2 cluster01 rackNumber26 RAM16GB


node007 np=2

node008:ts np=4


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