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A.1 Commands Overview

A.1.1 Client Commands

Command Description
momctl Manage/diagnose MOM (node execution) daemon
pbsdsh Launch tasks within a parallel job
pbsnodes View/modify batch status of compute nodes
qalter Modify queued batch jobs
qchkpt Checkpoint batch jobs
qdel Delete/cancel batch jobs
qgpumode Specifies new mode for GPU
qgpureset Reset the GPU
qhold Hold batch jobs
qmgr Manage policies and other batch configuration
qmove Move batch jobs
qorder Exchange order of two batch jobs in any queue
qrerun Rerun a batch job
qrls Release batch job holds
qrun Start a batch job
qsig Send a signal to a batch job
qstat View queues and jobs
qsub Submit jobs
qterm Shutdown pbs server daemon

Trace job actions and states recorded in Torque logs (see Using "tracejob" to Locate Job Failures)

A.1.2 Binary Executables

Command Description
pbs_mom Start MOM (node execution) daemon
pbs_server Start server daemon
pbs_track Tell pbs_mom to track a new process

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