TORQUE Resource Manager
1.6 Testing Server Configuration

1.6 Testing Server Configuration

The pbs_server daemon was started on the TORQUE server when the torque.setup file was executed or when it was manually configured. It must now be restarted so it can reload the updated configuration changes.

# verify all queues are properly configured
> qstat -q

# view additional server configuration
> qmgr -c 'p s'

# verify all nodes are correctly reporting
> pbsnodes -a 

# submit a basic job - DO NOT RUN AS ROOT
> su - testuser
> echo "sleep 30" | qsub

# verify jobs display
> qstat

At this point, the job should be in the Q state and will not run because a scheduler is not running yet. TORQUE can use its native scheduler by running pbs_sched or an advanced scheduler (such as Moab Workload Manager). Section 5.1 Integrating Schedulers for TORQUE details setting up an advanced scheduler.