TORQUE Resource Manager
3.1 Adding Nodes

3.1 Adding Nodes

TORQUE can add and remove nodes either dynamically with qmgr or by manually editing the TORQUE_HOME/server_priv/nodes file. (See Initializing/Configure TORQUE on the server (pbs_server).

3.1.1 Run-Time Node Changes

TORQUE can dynamically add nodes with the qmgr command. For example, the following command will add node node003:
> qmgr -c "create node node003"

The above command appends the $TORQUE_HOME/server_priv/nodesfile with:

Nodes can also be removed with a similar command:
> qmgr -c "delete node node003"

Note Typically, an administrator will want to change the state of a node instead of remove it. See Changing Node State.

Note It is highly recommended that node changes be followed by a restart of pbs_server, or just edit the nodes file manually and restart it.