TORQUE Resource Manager
6.2 NFS and Other Networked Filesystems

6.2 NFS and Other Networked Filesystems

6.2.1 TORQUE Data Management

When a batch job starts, its stdin file (if specified) is copied from the submission directory on the remote submission host. This file is placed in the $PBSMOMHOME directory on the mother superior node (i.e., /usr/spool/PBS/spool). As the job runs, stdout and stderr files are generated and placed in this directory using the naming convention $JOBID.OU and $JOBID.ER.

When the job completes, the MOM copies the files into the directory from which the job was submitted. By default, this file copying will be accomplished using a remote copy facility such as rcp or scp.

If a shared file system such as NFS, DFS, or AFS is available, a site can specify that the MOM should take advantage of this by specifying the $usecp directive inside the MOM configuration file (located in the $PBSMOMHOME/mom_priv directory) using the following format $usecp <HOST>:<SRCDIR> <DSTDIR>

HOST can be specified with a leading wildcard ('*') character. The following example demonstrates this directive:

# /home is NFS mounted on all hosts

$usecp *:/home  /home

# submission hosts in domain should map '/data' directory on submit host to 
# '/usr/local/data' on compute host

$usecp *  /usr/local/data

If for any reason the MOM daemon is unable to copy the output or error files to the submission directory, these files are instead copied to the undelivered directory also located in $PBSMOMHOME.