TORQUE Resource Manager

Appendix E: Considerations Before Upgrading

TORQUE is flexible in regards to how it can be upgraded. In most cases, a TORQUE shutdown followed by a configure, make, make install procedure as documented in the TORQUE Administrator's Guide is all that is required. This process will preserve existing configuration and in most cases, existing workload.

A few considerations are included below:

  • If upgrading from OpenPBS, PBSPro, or TORQUE 1.0.3 or earlier, queued jobs whether active or idle will be lost. In such situations, job queues should be completely drained of all jobs.
  • If not using the pbs_mom -r or -p flag, running jobs may be lost. In such cases, running jobs should be allowed to completed or should be requeued before upgrading TORQUE.
  • pbs_mom and pbs_server daemons of differing versions may be run together. However, not all combinations have been tested and unexpected failures may occur.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Build new release (do not install)
  2. Stop all TORQUE daemons - See qterm and momctl -s
  3. Install new TORQUE - use make install
  4. Start all TORQUE daemons

E.1 Rolling Upgrade

the enablemomrestart option causes a MOM to check if its binary has been updated and will restart itself at a safe point when no jobs are running, making upgrades easier. This can be enabled in the MOM config file, but it is recommended to enable it with momctl.

  1. Prepare the new version MOM package
  2. Install the MOM package on the compute nodes
  3. Run momctl -q enablemomrestart=1 -h :ALL