2.0 Submitting and managing jobs > Job submission

2.1 Job submission

Job submission is accomplished using the qsub command, which takes a number of command line arguments and integrates such into the specified PBS command file. The PBS command file may be specified as a filename on the qsub command line or may be entered via STDIN.

By default, job submission is allowed only on the TORQUE server host (host on which pbs_server is running). Enablement of job submission from other hosts is documented in Server configuration.

Versions of TORQUE earlier than 2.4.5 attempted to apply queue and server defaults to a job that didn't have defaults specified. If a setting still did not have a value after that, TORQUE applied the queue and server maximum values to a job (meaning, the maximum values for an applicable setting were applied to jobs that had no specified or default value).

In TORQUE 2.4.5 and later, the queue and server maximum values are no longer used as a value for missing settings.

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