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3.15 mdiag -j

3.15.1 Synopsis

mdiag -j [jobid] [-t <partition>] [-v] [-w] [--flags=policy] [--xml] [--blocking]

3.15.2 Overview

The mdiag -j command provides detailed information about the state of jobs Moab is currently tracking. This command also performs a large number of sanity and state checks. The job configuration and status information, as well as the results of the various checks, are presented by this command. The command gathers information from the Moab cache which prevents it from interrupting the scheduler, but the --blocking option can be used to bypass the cache and interrupt the scheduler. If the -v (verbose) flag is specified, additional information about less common job attributes is displayed. If --flags=policy is specified, information about job templates is displayed.

If used with the -t <partition> option on a running job, the only thing mdiag -j shows is if the job is running on the specified partition. If used on job that is not running, it shows if the job is able to run on the specified partition.

The -w flag enables you to specify specific job states (Such as Running, Completed, Idle, or ALL. See Job States for all valid options.) or jobs associated with a given credential (user, acct, class, group, qos). For example:

mdiag -j -w user=david            # Displays only David's jobs
mdiag -j -w state=Idle,Running    # Displays only idle or running jobs

The mdiag -j command does not show all subjobs of an array unless you use mdiag -j --xml. In the XML, the master job element contains a child element called ArraySubJobs that contains the subjobs in the array. Using mdiag -j -v --xml shows the completed sub-jobs as well.

3.15.3 XML Output

If XML output is requested (via the --format=xml argument), XML based node information will be written to STDOUT in the following format:

  <job ATTR="VALUE" ... > </job>

For information about legal attributes, refer to the XML Attributes table.

To show jobs in XML, use mdiag -j --xml -w [completed=true|system=true|ALL=true] to limit or filter jobs. This is for XML use only.

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