Gold Allocation Manager

Managing Jobs

Gold can track the jobs that run on your system, recording the charges and resources used for each job. Typically, a job record is created when the resource manager charges for a job. Job quotes, reservations, charges, and refunds can be issued.

Creating Jobs

In most cases, jobs will be created by the resource management system with the greserve command or the gcharge command.

However, it is also possible to create job records by hand using the gmkjob command:

gmkjob [-u user_name] [-p project_name] [-m machine_name] [-o organization] [-C queue_name] [-Q quality_of_service] [-P processors] [-N nodes] [-M memory] [-D disk] [-n job_name] [--application application] [--executable executable] [-t wallclock_duration] [-s start_time] [-e end_time] [-T job_type] [-d description] [-X | --extension property=value...] [--debug] [-? | --help] [--man] [--quiet] [-v | --verbose] [-V | --version] [[-J] job_id]

Example 1. Creating a job record

$ gmkjob -u jsmith -p chem -m cluster -X Charge=2468 -P 2 -t 1234 -J PBS.1234.0

Successfully created Job 102