Gold Allocation Manager

Charging Jobs

A job charge debits the appropriate allocations based on the user, project and machine associated with the job. The charge is calculated based on factors including the resources used, the job run time, and other quality-based factors (See Managing Charge Rates).

To charge for a job use the command gcharge:

gcharge [-u user_name] [-p project_name] [-m machine_name] [-o organization] [-C queue_name] [-Q quality_of_service] [-P processors] [-N nodes] [-M memory] [-D disk] [-S job_state] [-n job_name] [-T job_type] [--application application] [--executable executable] [-t charge_duration] [-s charge_start_time] [-e charge_end_time] [-d reservation_description] [-X | --extension property=value...] [--debug] [-? | --help] [--man] [--quiet] [-v | --verbose] [-V | --version] [-q quote_id] [-r reservation_id] [[-j] gold_job_id] {-J job_id}

Example 8. Issuing a job charge

$ gcharge -J PBS.1234.0 -p chemistry -u amy -m colony -P 2 -t 1234 -X WallDuration=1234

Successfully charged job PBS.1234.0 for 2468 credits
1 reservations were removed

Note It is possible to establish a system default machine, project or user to be used in job functions (charge, reserve or quote) when left unspecified (see Server Configuration).