Gold Allocation Manager

Managing Transactions

Gold logs all modifying transactions in a detailed transaction journal (queries are not recorded). Previous transactions can be queried but not modified or deleted.

Querying Transactions

To display transaction information, use the command glstxn:

glstxn [-O object] [-A action] [-n name_or_id] [-U actor] [-a account_id] [-i allocation_id] [-u user_name] [-p project_name] [-m machine_name] [-J job_id] [-s start_time] [-e end_time] [-T transaction_id] [-R request_id] [—show attribute_name[,attribute_name...]...] [—showHidden] [—raw] [—debug] [-? | —help] [—man] [—quiet]

Example 1. List all deposits made in 2004

$ glstxn -A Deposit -s 2004-01-01 -e 2005-01-01

Example 2. List everything done by amy since the beginning of 2004

$ glstxn -U amy -s 2004-01-01

Example 3. List all transactions affecting Job Id PBS.1234.0

$ glstxn -J PBS.1234.0

Example 4. List all transactions affecting charge rates

$ glstxn -O ChargeRate