Gold Allocation Manager

Managing Roles

Gold uses instance-level role based access controls to determine what users can perform what functions. Named roles are created, privileges are associated with the roles, and users are assigned to these roles.

Querying Roles

To display the currently defined roles, use the command goldsh Role Query:

goldsh Role Query [Show:=<"Field1,Field2,...">] [Name==<Role Name>] [Description==<Description>] [ShowUsage:=True]

Example 1. Listing all roles

$ goldsh Role Query

Name               Description                                     
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
SystemAdmin        Can update or view any object                   
Anonymous          Things that can be done by anybody              
OVERRIDE           A custom authorization method will be invoked   
ProjectAdmin       Can update or view a project they are admin for 
UserServices       User Services                                   
Scheduler          Scheduler relevant Transactions