Gold Allocation Manager

Obtaining Job Quotes

Job quotes can be used to determine how much it will cost to run a job. This step verifies that the submitter has sufficient funds for, and meets all the allocation policy requirements for running the job and can be used at job submission as an early filter to prevent jobs from getting in and waiting in the job queue just to be blocked from running later. If a guaranteed quote is requested, a quote id is returned and can be used in the subsequent charge to guarantee the rates that were used to form the original quote. A guaranteed quote has the side effect of creating a quotation record and a permanent job record.

To request a job quote, use the command gquote:

gquote [-u user_name] [-p project_name] [-m machine_name] [-o organization] [-C queue_name] [-Q quality_of_service] [-P processors] [-N nodes] [-M memory] [-D disk] [-n job_name] [--application application] [-t wallclock_duration] [-s start_time] [-e end_time] [-T job_type] [-d description] [-X | --extension property=value...] [--debug] [-? | --help] [--man] [--quiet] [-v | --verbose] [-V | --version] [[-J] job_id]

Example 5. Requesting a quotation

$ gquote -p chemistry -u amy -m colony -P 2 -t 3600

Successfully quoted 7200 credits

Example 6. Requesting a guaranteed quote

$ gquote -p chemistry -u amy -m colony -P 16 -t 3600 --guarantee

Successfully quoted 57600 credits with quote id 1

$ glsquote

Id  Amount    Job   Project       User   Machine    StartTime                    EndTime                      WallDuration       Type       Used   ChargeRates                     Description
--- --------- ----- ------------- ------ ---------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------ ---------- ------ ------------------------------- ----------------
1   57600     1     chemistry     amy    colony     2005-01-14 10:09:58          2005-08-10 15:27:07          3600               Normal     0      VBR:Processors:1

Note It is possible to establish a system default machine, project or user to be used in job functions (charge, reserve or quote) when left unspecified (see Server Configuration).