Gold Allocation Manager

Querying Role Actions

To list what actions can be performed by what roles, use the command goldsh RoleAction Query:

goldsh RoleAction Query [Show:=<"Field1,Field2,...">] [Role==<Role Name>] [Object==<Object Name>] [Name==<Action Name>] [Instance==<Instance Name>] [ShowUsage:=True]

Example 3. Listing all role actions

$ goldsh RoleAction Query

Role               Object                Name       Instance 
------------------ --------------------- ---------- ------------ 
Anonymous          ANY                   Query      ANY      
Anonymous          Account               Balance    ANY      
Anonymous          Password              ANY        SELF     
OVERRIDE           Account               Balance    ANY      
ProjectAdmin       Project               ANY        ADMIN    
Scheduler          Job                   Charge     ANY      
Scheduler          Job                   Quote      ANY      
Scheduler          Job                   Reserve    ANY      
SystemAdmin        ANY                   ANY        ANY      
UserServices       Job                   Refund     ANY      
UserServices       Machine               ANY        ANY      
UserServices       Project               ANY        ANY      
UserServices       ProjectMachine        ANY        ANY      
UserServices       ProjectUser           ANY        ANY      
UserServices       User                  ANY        ANY