Gold Allocation Manager

Associating an Action with a Role

To add an action to a role, use the command goldsh RoleAction Create:

goldsh RoleAction Create Role=<Role Name> Object=<Object Name> Name=<Action Name> [Instance=<Instance Name>] [ShowUsage:=True]

The Instance indicates which specific instances of the object the action(s) can be performed on. Instances are interpreted as the value of the solitary primary key for an object. Unless otherwise specified, the instance will default to a value of ANY.

Valid values for Instance include:

ANY Any or all of the object instances
NONE No object instances
SELF Only objects identified with myself (like my own username)
ADMIN Only object instances that I am an admin for
<specific> A specific named instance

For example, the Role Action:

Role                  Object                Name        Instance 
--------------------- --------------------- ----------- ------------- 
ChemistryAdmin        Project               Modify      Chemistry

allows users having the ChemistryAdmin role to modify the Chemistry Project.

Example 5. Allow the Manager to change role responsibilities

$ goldsh RoleAction Create Role=Manager Object=RoleAction Name=ANY

Role       Object          Name   Instance 
---------- --------------- ------ ------------ 
Manager    RoleAction      ANY    ANY      

Successfully created 1 RoleAction