Gold Allocation Manager

Define Accounts

Next, you can create your accounts (see Creating Accounts). Think of your accounts as bank accounts to which you can associate the users, projects, and machines that can use them.

Example 2. Create some accounts for use by the biology and chemistry projects.

$ gmkaccount -p biology -u MEMBERS -m MEMBERS -n "biology"

Successfully created Account 1

$ gmkaccount -p chemistry -u MEMBERS -m colony -n "chemistry on colony"

Successfully created Account 2

$ gmkaccount -p chemistry -u amy -n "chemistry for amy"

Successfully created Account 3

$ gmkaccount -p chemistry -u MEMBERS,-amy -n "chemistry not amy"

Successfully created Account 4

$ glsaccount

Id  Name                         Amount    Projects      Users              Machines     Description    
--- ---------------------------- --------- ------------- ------------------ ------------ --------------------- 
1   biology                                biology       MEMBERS            MEMBERS  
2   chemistry on colony                    chemistry     MEMBERS            colony                  
3   chemistry for amy                      chemistry     amy                ANY                     
4   chemistry not amy                      chemistry     MEMBERS,-amy       ANY

This shows that there is:

  • a single account for biology available to all of its defined members and able to be used only on the blue machine (since blue is its only member machine).
  • an account usable toward the chemistry project on the colony machine only.
  • an account usable anywhere for chemistry by amy only.
  • an account usable anywhere for chemistry by any member except for amy.