Gold Allocation Manager

Getting More Advanced

In the previous chapter, a view of the system was presented that largely ignored the presence of accounts and other advanced features in Gold. This chapter will touch on the additional versatility derived from explicit use of accounts and other advanced features.

Note You need to be a Gold System Adminstrator to perform the tasks in this chapter.

Define Projects

Assume that you have created users and machines as before in the Getting Started chapter (see Define Users and Define Machines). Again you will create some projects.

Note In these examples, assume that the account.autogen configuration parameter is NOT set to automatically create a default account for each project (see Server Configuration).

Example 1. Define the project members at the same time.

For the biology project, define a set of users and a default set of machines for the project. The specified default machine will be honored within accounts associated with this project that specify MEMBERS in the machine list.

$ gmkproject -d "Biology Department" -u amy,bob -m blue biology

Successfully created 1 Project

For the chemistry projects, define a set of member users.

$ gmkproject -d "Chemistry Department" -u amy,bob,dave chemistry

Successfully created 1 Project

Use glsproject to see your projects.

$ glsproject

Name          Active    Users              Machines     Description
------------- --------- ------------------ ------------ ------------------------------
biology       True      amy,bob            blue         Biology Department
chemistry     True      amy,dave,bob                    Chemistry Department

Note Note that accounts were not auto-generated this time because the account.autogen feature is set to false.