Maui Scheduler

10.4 Resource Usage Limits

Resource usage limits constrain the amount of resources a given job may consume. These limits are generally proportional to the resources requested and may include walltime, any standard resource, or any specified generic resource. The parameter RESOURCELIMITPOLICY controls which resources are limited, what limit policy is enforced per resource, and what actions the scheduler should take in the event of a policy violation.

The RESOURCELIMITPOLICY parameter accepts a number of policies and actions defined in the tables below.

ALWAYStake action whenever a violation is detected
EXTENDEDVIOLATIONtake action only if a violation is detected and persists for greater than the specified timelimit

CANCELterminate the job
REQUEUEterminate and requeue the job
SUSPENDsuspend the job and leave it suspended for an amount of time defined by the X parameter

Constraining Walltime Usage

Early releases of Maui 3.2 allowed jobs to exceed the requested wallclock limit by an amount specified on a global basis using the JOBMAXOVERRUN parameter or on a per class basis using the CLASSCFG parameter's OVERRUN attribute. Later releases of 3.2 allowed the OVERRUN attribute to be associated with any job credential.