Maui Scheduler

12.4 Managing Node-Locked Consumable Generic Resources

12.4.1 Configuring Consumable Generic Resources

Consumable generic resources are fully supported in all releases of Moab with resource manager level auto-detection. Within Maui 3.2, node-locked consumable generic resources (or generic resources) are specified using the NODECFG parameter's GRES attribute. This attribute is specified using the format <ATTR>:<COUNT> as in the example below.

# maui.cfg

NODECFG[titan001]  GRES=tape:4
NODECFG[login32]   GRES=matlab:2,prime:4
NODECFG[login32]   GRES=matlab:2

12.4.1 requesting Consumable Generic Resources

Generic resources are requested on a per task basis using resource manager extensions.