Maui Scheduler

16.2 Resource Traces

Resource traces fully describe all scheduling relevant aspects of a batch system's compute resources. In most cases, each resource trace describes a single compute node providing information about configured resources, node location, supported classes and queues, etc. Each resource trace consists of a single line composed of 21 whitespace delimited fields. Each field is described in detail in the table below.
Field Name Field Index Data Format Default Value Details
Resource Type 1 one of COMPUTENODE COMPUTENODE currently the only legal value is COMPUTENODE
Event Type 2 one of AVAILABLE, DEFINED, or DRAINED [NONE] when AVAILABLE, DEFINED, or DRAINED is specified, node will start in the state Idle, Down, or Drained respectively.
Event Time 3 <EPOCHTIME> 1 time event occurred. (currently ignored)
Resource ID 4 <STRING> N/A for COMPUTENODE resources, this should be the name of the node.
Resource Manager Name 5 <STRING> [NONE] name of resource manager resource is associated with
Configured Swap 6 <INTEGER> 1 amount of virtual memory (in MB) configured on node
Configured Memory 7 <INTEGER> 1 amount of real memory (in MB) configured on node (i.e. RAM)
Configured Disk 8 <INTEGER> 1 amount of local disk (in MB) on node available to batch jobs
Configured Processors 9 <INTEGER> 1 number of processors configured on node
Resource Frame Location 10 <INTEGER> 1 number of frame containing node (SP2 only)
Resource Slot Location 11 <INTEGER> 1 Number of first frame slot used by node (SP2 only)
Resource Slot Use Count 12 <INTEGER> 1 Number of frame slots used by node (SP2 only)
Node Operating System 13 <STRING> [NONE] node operating system
Node Architecture 14 <STRING> [NONE] node architecture
Configured Node Features 15 <STRING> [NONE] square bracket delimited list of node features/attributes (ie, '[amd][s1200]')
Configured Run Classes 16 <STRING> [batch:1] square bracket delimited list of CLASSNAME:CLASSCOUNT pairs.
Configured Network Adapters 17 <STRING> [NONE] square bracket delimited list of configured network adapters (ie, '[atm][fddi][ethernet]')
Relative Resource Speed 18 <DOUBLE> 1.0 relative machine speed value
Note If no applicable value is specified, the exact string '[NONE]' should be entered.

Sample Resource Trace:

'COMPUTENODE AVAILABLE 0 cluster008 PBS1 423132 256 7140 2 -1 -1 1 LINUX62 AthlonK7 [s950][compute] [batch:2] [ethernet][atm] 1.67 [NONE] [NONE] [NONE]'