Maui Scheduler

3.4 Configuring the Scheduler

Scheduler configuration is maintained using the flat text configfile maui.cfg. All config file entries consist of simple '<PARAMETER> <VALUE>' pairs which are whitespace delimited. Parameter names are not case sensitive but <VALUE> settings are. Some parameters are array values and should be specified as '<PARAMETER>[<INDEX>]', i.e., 'QOSCFG[hiprio] PRIORITY=1000' The <VALUE> settings may be integers, floats, strings, or arrays of these. Some parameters can be specified as arrays and in such, index values can be numeric or alphanumeric strings. If no array index is specified for an array parameter, an index of '0' is assumed. See the parameters documentation for information on specific parameters.

All config files are read when Maui is started up. Also, the schedctl -R command can be used to reconfigure the scheduler at any time, forcing it to re-read all config files before continuing (NOTE: Only available in Moab 4.0 and later). The command changeparam can be used to change individual parameter settings at any time, i.e. 'changeparam LOGLEVEL 3'. Changes made by the changeparam command are not persistent so will be overwritten the next time the config file values are loaded. The current parameter settings can be viewed at any time using the showconfig command.

3.4.1 Adjusting Server Behavior

Most any aspect of Maui's behavior can be configured. This includes both scheduling policy behavior and daemon behavior. In terms of configuring server behavior, the following realms are most commonly modified. Logging

LOGLEVEL Checkpointing

Maui checkpoints its internal state. The checkpoint file records attributes in the following areas:

Job: attributes, statistics
Node: attributes, statistics
Reservations: all aspects
Scheduler: attributes, statistics
Credentials: attributes, statistics (i.e., Credentials include user, group, account, QoS, and class)


Indicates how long unmodified data should be kept after the associated object has disappeared. ie, job priority for a job no longer detected.


Indicates path name of checkpoint file


Indicates interval between subsequent checkpoints. Service Port