Moab Workload Manager


(Show Configuration)

Caution: This command is deprecated. Use mschedctl -l instead.


showconfig [-v]


View the current configurable parameters of the Moab Scheduler.

   The showconfig command shows the current scheduler version and the settings of all 'in memory' parameters.  These parameters are set via internal defaults, command line arguments, environment variable settings, parameters in the moab.cfg file, and via the mschedctl -m command.  Because of the many sources of configuration settings, the output may differ from the contents of the moab.cfg file.  The output is such that it can be saved and used as the contents of the moab.cfg file if desired.


This command can be run by a level 1, 2, or 3 Moab administrator.

-h Help for this command.
-v This optional flag turns on verbose mode, which shows all possible Moab Scheduler parameters and their current settings. If this flag is not used, this command operates in context-sensitive terse mode, which shows only relevant parameter settings. 

Example 1

> showconfig

# moab scheduler version 4.2.4 (PID: 11080)



IMPORTANT Note:  The showconfig flag without the '-v' flag does not show the settings of all parameters.  It does show all major parameters and all parameters which are in effect and have been set to non-default values.  However, it hides other rarely used parameters and those which currently have no effect or are set to default values.  To show the settings of all parameters, use the '-v' (verbose) flag.  This will provide an extended output.  This output is often best used in conjunction with the 'grep' command as the output can be voluminous.

See Also:

  • Use the mschedctl -m command to change the various Moab Scheduler parameters.
  • See the Parameters document for details about configurable parameters.