Maui Scheduler

5.1.5 Manual Job Priority Adjustment

Batch administrator's regularly find a need to adjust the calculated priority of a job to meet current needs. Current needs often are broken into two categories:

A) The need to run an admin test job as soon as possible
B) The need to pacify an irate user

Under Maui, the setspri command can be used to handle these issues in one of two ways. This command allows the specification of either a relative priority adjustment, or the specification of a absolute priority. Using absolute priority specification, administrators can set a job priority which is guaranteed to be higher than any calculated value. Where Maui-calculated job priorities are in the range of 0 to 1 billion, system admin assigned absolute priorities start at 1 billion and go up. Issuing the command 'setspri <PRIO> <JOBID>', for example, will assign a priority of '1 billion + <PRIO>' to the job. Thus, 'setspri 5 job.1294' with set the priority of job 'job.1294' to 1000000005.