Moab Workload Manager


(Set System Priorities)

Caution: This command is deprecated. Use mjobctl -p instead.


setspri [-r] priority jobid


(This command is deprecated by the mjobctl command)

Set or remove absolute or relative system priorities for a specified job.

This command allows you to set or remove a system priority level for a specified job. Any job with a system priority level set is guaranteed a higher priority than jobs without a system priority. Jobs with higher system priority settings have priority over jobs with lower system priority settings.


This command can be run by any Moab Scheduler Administrator.


JOB Name of job.

System priority level. By default, this priority is an absolute priority overriding the policy generated priority value. Range is 0 to clear, 1 for lowest, 1000 for highest. The given value is added onto the system priority (see 32-bit and 64-bit values below), except for a given value of zero. If the '-r' flag is specified, the system priority is relative, adding or subtracting the specified value from the policy generated priority.

If a relative priority is specified, any value in the range +/- 1,000,000,000 is acceptable.


-r Set relative system priority on job.

Example 1

   In this example, a system priority of 10 is set for job orion.4752

> setspri 10 orion.4752 

job system priority adjusted

Example 2

   In this example, system priority is cleared for job clusterB.1102

> setspri 0 clusterB.1102

job system priority adjusted

Example 3

   In this example, the job's priority will be increased by 100000 over the value determine by configured priority policy.

> setspri -r 100000 job.00001

job system priority adjusted

Note: This command is deprecated.  Use mjobctl instead.