Maui Scheduler

Appendix J: Maui Differences Guide

Maui 3.2.6 patch 10

For full list of changes, see CHANGELOG file included with distribution

  • Scalability
    • Added client data compression
  • Inter-operability
    • Added support for SSS 3.0.3 job structure
    • Added support for SSS suspend-resume features
    • Support PBS 'state-unknown' mapping
    • Improved TORQUE 'status' attribute auto-detection
  • Security
    • Added client data encryption
    • Added client bounds checking to prevent buffer overflow
    • Enhanced group ID mapping support
  • Features
    • Added scheduler-level config based node feature specification
    • Enabled Dynamic Hostlist Modification
    • Enabled AM Job Failure Action Support
    • Added support for class/queue level feature requirement defaults
    • Added support for dedicated resource specification w/in standing reservations
  • Fault Tolerance
    • Fixed TORQUE server data auto-detect
    • Fixed data corruption server crash
    • Improved logic for stale job handling with failing resource managers
  • Useability
    • Improved Node State Diagnostics
  • Accounting