Moab Workload Manager

mdiag -a

(Moab Account Diagnostics)


mdiag -a [accountid]


   The mdiag -a command provides detailed information about the accounts (aka projects) Moab is currently tracking.  This command also allows an administrator to verify correct throttling policies and access provided to and from other credentials.

Example 1

> mdiag -a
evaluating acct information
Name         Priority        Flags         QDef      QOSList*                 PartitionList Target  Limits

engineering       100            -         high      high,urgent,low             [A][B]      30.00  MAXJOB=50,75  MAXPROC=400,500 
marketing           1            -          low      low                         [A]          5.00  MAXJOB=100,110  MAXPS=54000,54500
it                 10            -      DEFAULT      DEFAULT,high,urgent,low     [A]        100.00  MAXPROC=100,1250 MAXPS=12000,12500
development       100            -        high       high,urgent,low             [A][B]      30.00  MAXJOB=50,75 MAXNODE=100,120 
research          100            -        high       DEFAULT,high,low            [A][B]      30.00  MAXNODE=400,500 MAXPS=900000,1000000
DEFAULT             0            -           -       -                           -            0.00  - 

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