Maui Scheduler

Appendix G: Commands Overview

Command Description
canceljob cancel job
changeparam change in memory parameter setting
checkjob provide detailed status report for specified job
checknode provide detailed status report for specified node
diagnose provide diagnostic report for various aspects of resources, workload, and scheduling
mjobctl control and modify job
mprof profile historical system performance
releasehold release job defers and holds
releaseres release reservations
resetstats reset scheduler statistics
runjob force a job to run immediately
schedctl manage scheduler activity
sethold set job holds
setqos modify job QOS settings
setres set an admin/user reservation
setspri adjust system priority of jobs
showbf show backfill window - show resources available for immediate use
showconfig show current scheduler configuration
showgrid show various tables of scheduling/system performance
showq show queued jobs
showres show existing reservations
showstart show estimates of when job can/will start
showstate show current state of resources
showstats show usage statistics